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Mac versus PC - the 7 biggest differences

April 25th, 2019

The Mac versus PC war has been going on for a long time. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference; what you like and what you want to do with your system.

Operating systems

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Windows and Macintosh  (that’s Mac to you and me) computer systems come from the operating systems. OS X and Microsoft Windows work differently. Depending on what you are wanting the machine to do, one might be better than the other, although it does all come down to what you are comfortable in using.


One thing to consider when choosing between a PC and Mac, is other devices you may have, such as; mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles. While it is likely that you have an assortment of devices using different operating systems, Apple products are designed to work together, and Windows and Android products are designed to work together, along with PlayStation and Xbox. To get the mixture of devices to communicate with each other, can take some time and effort.

The difference in price

We all know that Macs tend to more expensive than a Windows PC. For comparison you can buy a Windows laptop for a fraction of the price of Apple’s cheapest MacBook. Yet you can still put a huge dent in your bank balance if you are to purchase a high-end gaming Windows PC, or the Microsoft Surface Pro.


Apple has been known for its stylish design since the late 90’s when the iMac was first showcased. Since then Apple has lived up to its trendy standards when releasing the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. However, the style of hardware doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years, unlike PC’s. Currently, PCs are going through a wardrobe clear-out, and we are being gifted with many devices looking more futuristic and versatile.  Windows are also offering us the option to add modifications such as touch-screen monitors and even a device that swaps between a tablet and PC.

User interface

Windows and Apple’s operating systems look completely different from one another.

Mac has a cleaner, less crowded look. At a basic level you have the desktop and a dock for accessing all the systems apps. Whereas Microsoft portrays a more busier look, and takes you on a detour to find what you are looking for.

If you are making the switch from Windows to Apple, be prepared for a surprise when it comes to the top tier toolbar, and keyboard. We all know that to close a screen on a Windows PC, we hover over to the top right and click the X symbol – on a Mac you don’t. Apple have made it so that we take a left and hit the red button instead. You also will notice a few differences in the placement of certain keys, but it all becomes second nature after a while.

Apple Mac keyboard


If you are a gamer, you will probably prefer a Windows PC, due to how customisable they are.
Hard-core gamers will want the best graphics card they can get their hands on, the processor and the amount of memory inside their computers needs to be second-to-none. Serious gamers will constantly alter and buy new upgraded hardware to stay current within their gaming hobby. On the other hand, Macs are locked to their standard hardware, and upgrading is not that easy. You can however spend a big sum of money initially and purchase a high-spec Mac, but it may be that it is still subpar to a high-spec Windows gaming. It is going to take Apple a long time to compete with the legacy of a Windows gaming system.

Gamer on PC


Since there are still fewer Macs than Windows PC’s being used, Apple’s platform basically grants a smaller target for cyber-attacks. However, over the years as the number of Mac users has increased, so has the number of viruses that has surfaced on Apple’s operating systems. Apple is dealing with this by adding new types of encryption and security features in the recent update to its software.


The Mac vs PC debate will no doubt continue for a long time. Each system does some things better; it’s really a matter of what features are important to you and what you’re going to use the computer for.
If you want to test out both Mac and PC, come along to Clickworks and give them a go!


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