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Sara gains employment at Mortgage Advice Bureau after help from Clickworks and the Reignite Bootcamp

May 23rd, 2019

Sara gains employment at Mortgage Advice Bureau after help from Clickworks and the Reignite Bootcamp

Sara Maskell has started a new role as a Financial Services Assistant at Mortgage Advice Bureau after completing the Introduction to Digital Marketing course at Clickworks, and also St Helens Chamber’s Reignite Bootcamp.

After being away from the world of work for a few years to bring up her children, Sara decided now was the right time to get back into employment, but she felt the pressure of interviews, and was struggling to stay confident.

During her job search, Sara came across Clickworks which offered a free Introduction to Digital Marketing course.

She said: “I was looking for a full time, permanent job role. I wanted as much leverage as I could, and I could not turn down the opportunity to gain more knowledge of digital marketing, and further my IT skills at the same time.”

Sara took full advantage of the course at Clickworks, and found a great interest in how websites work and how social media is used in marketing.

Sara said: “I really enjoyed realising and understanding how social media works. A lot of my degree was marketing based, so it was nice to be able to see that theory in real life.”

“Whilst at Clickworks my IT skills also began to develop further. I learnt so much about Excel, and now use it within my role at Mortgage Advice Bureau – I’m even the point of call when my colleagues need a bit of Excel help!”

Once Sara completed her course at Clickworks, she decided to enrol on to the Chamber’s Reignite Bootcamp to boost her interview skills, CV writing and gain an advantage to securing a full time role.

“I had attended many job interviews in the past, but never seemed to be able to make it past the interview stage. Due to this I had lost all confidence in gaining employment. When I was told that St Helens Chamber had launched the Reignite Bootcamp, which could help me gain confidence in my interview skills, I jumped at the chance to be on the course.

“I would definitely recommend Reignite Bootcamp. It has been very beneficial to myself and the rest of the group. I have been able to transfer across my existing skills, and add the skills I have gained at the Bootcamp.”

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