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This course has been designed to help you develop and expand your knowledge of Microsoft Office software.

Many employers expect their staff to have knowledge of various Microsoft Office applications. Having the knowledge to navigate these tools can not only give your CV a quick boost but also make you more attractive to potential employers.

To complete this course you will need to have some working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages.


Level 1 Award in IT Users

Awarding Body

City & Guilds


Longer Study


Spreadsheet Software

This is the ability to use Excel to record data in rows and columns, perform calculations with numerical data and present information using charts and graphs.
On completion of this unit a candidate should be able to select and use a wide range of intermediate spreadsheet software tools and techniques to produce, present and check spreadsheets.

You will cover:

  • Using a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data
  • Selecting and using appropriate formulas and data analysis tools to meet requirements
  • Selecting and using tools and techniques to present and format spreadsheet information


Word Processing Software

This is the ability to use Microsoft Word for the creation, editing and production of documents.
On completion of this unit a candidate should be able to select and use a range of intermediate word processing software tools and techniques to produce documents.

You will cover:

  • Entering and combining text and other information accurately within word processing documents
  • Creating and modifing layout and structures for word processing documents
  • Using word processing software tools to format and present documents effectively to meet requirements


Using Email

This is the ability to make the best use of e-mail software to safely and securely send, receive and store messages.
On completion of this unit, the learner should be able to understand and make effective use of a range of intermediate e-mail software tools to send, receive and store messages.

You will cover:

  • Using e-mail software tools and techniques to compose and send messages
  • Manage incoming e-mail effectively

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Course Type: Individual

Course Level: Advanced

Course Length: 6 days

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"Excellent tutors. Very well presented 3 day course. Geared towards all levels of understanding. Thank you. "

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Course Type: Individual

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