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At work and in life, your employees need a range of essential skills for success. Within your business, your staff may need the ability to manage and organise themselves, to work together in teams, and to communicate with others through speaking and writing. Essential English and Maths is a great way to ensure that your staff have up to date knowledge of numeracy and literacy.

These courses help individuals learn in a way that makes it real and relevant to everyone. Whilst your staff might not have enjoyed these subjects at school, our experienced tutors will support them to learn the English and Maths skills needed for their work and personal life.


Both qualifications are available at levels 1 & 2 using a combination of taught delivery, online learning in their own time and 1–1 support from our tutors to ensure the programme is flexible to their individual needs.


These courses offer a more in-depth level of study than some of our other courses and may take a number of months to complete, depending on the amount of time your employees are able to dedicate to learning.


Essential English will help your staff to develop their reading, writing and speaking skills, giving them confidence to progress at work. Completing this course can help them with anything from reading emails at work, to writing meeting minutes.

They will cover English skills such as:

  • Spelling
  • Using correct grammar 
  • Paragraph building
  • Understanding punctuation


This course can help your staff to develop their skills and confidence to deal with mathematical problems. If they’re
in a muddle over calculating VAT or struggling to analyse business budgets, our tutors are skilled in teaching adult
education and can work with your staff on whatever they need help with.
This course will develop numeracy skills including how to calculate handling data, learn about metric units of measurement and many more skills that are needed in the workplace.

Your staff can work at their own pace and a speed they feel comfortable with.

Essential Maths will cover skills such as:

  • Adding and subtracting
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Division
  • Shape and space, angles, perimeter and area
  • Money calculations
  • Units of measure
  • Handling data

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Course Details

Course Title: ENGLISH & MATHS

Course Type: Business

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Length: Longer Study

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"Very informative and interesting. High standards on delivery and helpfulness! "

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Course Type: Individual

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