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Most employers now expect their staff to have knowledge in IT.
This course will give you a nationally recognised qualification, designed to demonstrate to employers that you have a level of fundamental IT skills that can be used in a wide variety of jobs. You will learn practical skills which you can apply in many real life situations.

This course offers a more in-depth level of study than our other courses and may take a number of months to complete, depending on the amount of time you are able to dedicate to your learning.

To complete this course you should have some previous experience of using computers.


On successful completion of this course you will achieve Functional Skills IT at either level 1 or level 2, depending
on your level of study.


You will cover subjects such as:

  • IT Theory – the basics of hardware/software, storage of information, IT and online security
  • Using the internet – search engines, obtaining information 
  • Using email – the creation of professional looking emails
  • Microsoft Word – creation of letters/posters/flyers, inserting images and tables
  • Microsoft Excel – formatting and editing of spreadsheets, calculation formulas and use of IF formulas, creation of bar/line charts, sorting and filtering information
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – creation of presentations, inserting images and adding designs/animations

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Course Details

Course Title: ESSENTIAL IT

Course Type: Individual

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Length: Longer Study

What Our Learners Say...

"I have really enjoyed this course and feel I have learned valuable new skills in a very relaxed, polite and inclusive environment. Thank you to Justine for her patience and excellent delivery of the course "

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Course Type: Individual

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