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Microsoft Office Essentials will build on existing knowledge, update skills and make your business more effective in their roles. To complete these courses your staff will need to have some working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages.
Four modules are available.

All modules use a combination of taught delivery, online learning in students’ own time and 1–1 support from our tutors to ensure the programme is flexible to your business needs.

Individual modules are available – charged at £80 +VAT for Members and £130 +VAT for Non Members. If you are booking staff onto 3 or more modules then all modules are FREE of charge.

After work sessions can be arranged if you have at least five employees in need of training.


To achieve Level 1 Award in IT Users, your employees will need to achieve three of the modules overleaf.

Awarding Body

City & Guilds


3-5 Days


Microsoft Word (1 day)

Microsoft Word can be used to create just about any kind of business document, including company reports,
proposals and plans. Your employees can become more organised and help your business build a library
of documents, such as invoices, statements, receipts, memos and agendas. Digital Essentials will help your staff
understand and brush up on their word processing skills, so that they can work more efficiently.

This course will cover:

  • Using Microsoft Word to format, edit and produce text-based documents
  • Creating mail merged documents
  • Paragraph and font formatting
  • Using tables and graphs

Microsoft PowerPoint (1 day)

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software in the world. Your employees can use Microsoft
PowerPoint to update their presentation skills, and the software can help with a range of other jobs as well.
Whether you’re getting ready to present financials or give an end of year review, Microsoft PowerPoint can help by
creating a clean, visually engaging and information-rich presentation.
On the Digital Essentials course your staff will learn skills and knowledge to operate and deliver presentations through Microsoft PowerPoint.

This course will cover:

  • How to create slides
  • Using text boxes, shapes, images and drawing tools
  • How to create excellent transitions and animations
  • How to make a presentation flow using charts, graphs and tables

Microsoft Excel (1 day)

Training your employees on how to use Microsoft Excel can improve your business options, as well as improving
productivity, by learning the best short-cuts and formulae to use in different situations. Microsoft Excel can help your business when managing human resources, performance reporting, and operations management, by allowing staff to store information, analyse and report.

This course will cover:

  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Data entry
  • Text and number format
  • Basic mathematical functions
  • Editing cells
  • Basic data analysis skills through sorting and filtering
  • Using formulae to analyse data
  • Making your spreadsheet secure

Using Outlook (1 day)

Learn to make the best use of email software to safely and securely send, receive and store messages. On completion
of this course, your staff will be able to understand and use a range of basic e-mail software tools. Delegates will learn how to:

  • Use e-mail software tools and techniques to compose and send messages
  • Attach files to e-mail messages and send
  • Identify how to stay safe and respect others when using email
  • Use an address book to store and retrieve contact information
  • Follow guidelines and procedures for using email
  • Identify when and how to respond to e-mail messages
  • Identify what messages to delete and when to do so
  • Organise and store email messages
  • Respond appropriately to common email problems

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