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**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Training courses during COVID-19**

In line with Government guidance we are now offering online training remotely until further notice, please see here for all course details.


Are you interested in developing your knowledge and skills in Microsoft Office packages? This course will provide you
with updated skills and abilities needed to build on existing knowledge, and improve your employability in a wide range of
fields and industries.

To complete this course you will need to have some working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages.


Level 1 Award in IT Users.

Awarding Body

City & Guilds


Improving Productivity Using IT

Computer software systems are all around us, and we use them a lot. Knowing which systems to use for various tasks can help you work more effectively. This course can help you understand different IT tools, and provide a quick refresher on software you may not have used for a long time.

You will cover:

  • Choosing the appropriate IT systems and software to meet requirements
  • Using IT systems and software efficiently to complete planned tasks
  • Reviewing the selection and use of IT tools to make sure that tasks are completed


Microsoft Word

Most employers expect employees to have Microsoft Word skills, and it’s probably the most universally-consumed programme in businesses around the globe. Digital Essentials will help you understand and brush up on your word processing skills, so that you can develop the skills and confidence you need to progress in your work and personal life.

You will cover:

  • Using a software application designed for formatting, editing and production of largely textbased documents.
  • Creating mail merged documents
  • Paragraph and font formatting
  • Using tables and graphs


Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software in the world. The software is designed to help people to create a clean, visually engaging and information-rich presentation. On the Digital Essentials course you will learn skills and knowledge to operate and deliver your own presentation through Microsoft PowerPoint.

You will cover: 

  • How to create slides
  • Using text boxes, shapes, images and drawing tools
  • How to create excellent transitions and animations
  • How to make a presentation flow using charts, graphs and tables


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important computer spreadsheet programme used in the workplace today. As a result, many employers expect employees to have a working knowledge of the software. Learning how to use Microsoft Excel can improve your employment options, as well as improving your productivity by learning the best shortcuts and formulae to use in different situations.

You will cover:

  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Data entry
  • Text and number formats
  • Basic mathematical functions
  • Editing cells
  • Basic data analysis skills through sorting and filtering


This course will be delivered remotely in line with Government advice until further notice. You must have access to your own PC to take part in this course.

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    Course Type: Individual

    Course Level: Intermediate

    Course Length: 6 Days

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    "Excellent tutors. Very well presented 3 day course. Geared towards all levels of understanding. Thank you. "

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    Course Type: Individual

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