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Learn to make the best use of email software to safely and securely send, receive and store messages. On completion of this course your staff will be able to understand and use a range of basic email software tools.

This course will cover:

  • Use e-mail software tools and techniques to compose and send messages
  • Attach files to e-mail messages and send
  • Identify how to stay safe and respect others when using email
  • Use an address book to store and retrieve contact information
  • Follow guidelines and procedures for using email
  • Identify when and how to respond to e-mail messages
  • Identify what messages to delete and when to do so
  • Organise and store email messages
  • Respond appropriately to common email problems

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Course Type: Business

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Length: 1/2 a day

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"Detailed information presented simply and logically. "

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